Galaxy North Avenue II in Sector-16 – Builder Looted & Cheated

I have taken possession/shifted in Sep 17 and within 6 months i could see world class quality.

1) Poor quality of plaster. Builder have put large quantity of sand with very little cement.
2) Seepage in rooms and bathrooms.
3) Poor quality of bathroom tiles. All tiles colours have faded
4) Seepage’s in all balcony.
5) World class quality of plaster and Masonry works.Builder contractor cannot plaster a single wall in straight line. Or provide a smooth finish

Common Area Issues
1) Common shaft still not properly painted and plastered.Its like garbage bin.
2) Every were plaster is broken (stair case, lift area etc.)
3) Tiles in staircase broken
4) Hand rails are not painted. Mental rods are never welded properly and are protruding out and is a danger.
5) Poor quality of house keeping
6) Tower masonry and plaster work is not yet completed.

Facility offered
1) Worst quality of plumbers, electricians hired to save cost. Some of them even don’t know their jobs
2) CCTV not installed at all floors as promised
3) Insufficient size of club for 1600 families. Gym and other club facilities are not even adequate for 1600 families.
4) Stay dogs roam all day in the NA2 premises. All thanks to world class security.
5) Builder staff is so much stubborn and as if they are paying for us to let stay in society.
6) All lifts are without inspection report.
7) All lifts are so dirty as if we are moving in 20 years old lifts.
8) Many times vendors and delivery boy come inside society without proper information. As most intercom facilities are missing
9) No safety arrangements in kids playing area. Nor proper safety nets tied in internals shafts and other areas where people are at risk of falling.
10)No clarity on basis of allotment of open car parking.
11) No clarity on parking space alloted.

One comment

  1. Amit says:

    False promises by builder.. Promised facilities not provided yet though taking maintenance charges as 2 rs per sq fit. It should not be more than 1 RS per sq fit. Despite paying huge maintenance charges we are not getting quality service.
    How come one cycle, one zym equipment will serve 700 flat buyers.
    Asking extra charges for Club house however promised to provide free of cost. Security, maintenance is not up to the mark.

    Apart from this there are unmanaged meter charges.

    Seepage is abundant also plaster quality is worst.

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